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Blogtober 2017 | 6 Must Have Liquid Lipsticks

It’s safe to say that the liquid lipstick trend took the beauty world by storm a few years ago, and I’m not sure many people have recovered. While I’d argue that gloss is definitely making a comeback (as is the way with trends, but it’s something I’m very happy about!) a lot of people are still infatuated with the matte lip look, so I’ve put together my top six liquid lipsticks for autumn and winter.

If you’re a fan of the cool toned brown lip (think along the lines of Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick in Daddy, or Point Zero from ColourPop) look no further than LA Splash. Latte is a lovely greyed mocha that works great with a super dramatic, black smoky eye or intense winged liner. This certainly isn’t a shade for everyone, but if there’s ever a time to pull it off, it’s now. LA Splash have a few separate ranges of waterproof liquid lippies, and another of my recommendations comes from their Lip Couture line. A much more user-friendly and flattering colour, Latte Confession is a warm, rosy shade that kind of resembles a light Marsala on my lips, and seems to look unique on everyone. A lot of people compare this to Lime Crime’s Velvetine lipstick in Riot and, though I can’t definitively compare the two, I can definitely see similarities in swatches.

The LA Splash lipsticks aren’t for everyone. Personally, I don’t find much difference between the Velvet Matte and Lip Couture formulas – both can be quite drying, and while I don’t always mind this (I usually end up topping these with a balm or clear gloss about 5 hours after applying) it can be a huge turn-off for some.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Coloured Raine liquid lipstick in Mars is one of the most comfortable formulas I’ve ever tried. This dusty rose hue is just slightly cooler in tone compared to Latte Confession, but it’s certainly every bit as beautiful. I found this to last a good amount of time on my lips, falling victim to a bit of fading in the centre after eating, but staying fairly intact ’til I took my makeup off at the end of the day. This shade would look beautiful on a wide variety of skin tones – you can see this swatched on deeper skin over on Coloured Raine’s website, where it appears as a beautiful, almost cool mauve.

When it comes to non-matte liquid lipsticks, I have to say the Rimmel Provocalips really blew me away. Not Guilty is a stunning shade for autumn – a pink-y berry that I would have never expected to suit me as much as it does. This comes with the tinted lipstick on one end, and a sealing gloss on the other, which keeps everything locked in for hours and hours… and hours. Seriously, this stuff does not budge, though it does become a little more matte as the day wears on, but you can just reapply the top coat and you’re good to go. If you like the look of glossy lips but hate how fast they fade and wear off, I’d recommend checking out the Provocalips collection.

The ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip range was another winner for me, giving a high pigment, soft matte finish that feels like you’re wearing a regular bullet lippie. Tansy is the most stunning yellow-y warm brown, and gives me total 90’s vibes. This shade might seem a little scary, but it’s actually way more wearable than it looks – the warm yellow undertone makes it quite flattering and stops you looking washed out or, y’know, dead, as is the case with many brown lipsticks. It looks beautiful in contrast with my pale skin, but could work as a great nude or subtle brown on tan and deeper skin tones.

Now, I know I’m not breaking any ground recommending a deep, wine red for autumn, but I just couldn’t resist including Prim, also from ColourPop. Described as a “blackened red”, I’d argue this is a tad warmer than it appears on the brand’s website, which is what makes it one of my favourite deep reds (and I own a lot of dark red lipstick). The Ultra Satin formula dictates that you wear a lipliner to prevent the inevitable feathering, but as long as you follow this step, you’ll be golden. There’s still some transfer (it’s packed with emollients, preventing it from full drying down) but the colour pay-off and comfort more than makes up for that in my opinion.

Thanks for reading! What liquid lippies have you been loving this season? I’ve found myself reaching for my Rimmel lipstick the most but, as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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