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Blogtober 2017 | Cosy Up with ColourPop

As a well-documented lover of warm tones, I’m sure none of you will be surprised to know that I flocked to my drawer of ColourPop singles as soon as I saw the first leaf begin to change colour. The pillow-y, cream-to-powder consistency of their Super Shock Shadows is always a winner to me, but there’s something about orange and red tones that look ultra beautiful in this formula.

Each of the shades I’ve included as autumnal must-haves feature a beautiful depth that you don’t always see with regular powder shadows. Packed straight onto the lid, shades like Mittens appear as a rich, deep brown, and the reddish base only becomes apparent once you start to blend it out. I’m sure the range features many more wonderfully warm shades but, of the ones I’ve tried, these are my favourites for autumn:

Elixir (matte) is an orange terracotta that I like to pair with my next shade, Melrose, for a beautiful smoky eye. This shade kind of reminds me of marmalade, which in turn reminds of me of the iconic Gwen Stefani song – apologies if you purchase this colour and find yourself singing along to Lady Marmalade. That song sticks in my head every time I use this colour.

Melrose (matte) is a deeper, rustier version of Elixir, and really comes to life when buffed into the outer corners of the eyes and onto the lower lash line. This is the kind of shade that looks great with so many eye colours, but I can see this really making blue and green eyes pop.

Static (satin) is a deep burgundy plum shade with a reddish base, and makes for the most stunning lid shade in any dramatic eye look. A model shade for autumn, this beauty is currently only available as part of the Love Line quad, which comes with three other beautiful shades that I’ve been dying to try.

Seeker (matte) is a warm reddened brown that I feature in many of my warm toned looks. I have used this shade so much since receiving it as part of my first ever ColourPop order. If you were to pick up just one of these shades, I’d go for this one.

Mittens (matte) is a rich, deep brown with a reddish plum base. This shade seems to be a little intimidating to many people, simply because of how dark it looks in the pot, but it’s definitely a shade that you can build up slowly. I like to work a little of this into my outer corners and crease if I want to intensify my look, and it looks absolutely stunning smudged under the lower lash line.

Thank you for reading! Do you own any of these shades? Which ColourPop shades are your absolute ride or die colours? I always enjoy hearing your thoughts – for me, Seeker is definitely the shade that holds a special place in my heart.

2 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 | Cosy Up with ColourPop

  1. I absolutely adore Colourpop- I find it difficult to choose shades online (although I love the descriptions they give) but have never been disappointed by my choices. I own Melrose, but my absolute favourite is ‘Bae’ which I always describe as a sexy bruise colour! Doesn’t sound too appealing but it’s a lovely duo chrome black/purple/pink – so much nicer than I’m making it sound 😂😂

    1. I know exactly what you mean – I find myself flicking between options for ages before settling on a few shades! Hahah I know what you’re getting at – that sounds lovely, seems very underrated as I never hear people talking about it. Wattles is my favourite shade by far (a pinky brown satin) but I tend to reserve it for Spring 🙂 xx

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