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Blogtober 2017 | Evening Skincare Routine

As anyone with non-perfect skin could probably attest to, it’s not often you get to utter the words ‘I think I’ve found a skincare routine that works’ and mean it. Thankfully, I can say that with confidence because, despite the occasional breakout and dry patch, my skin seems to have been behaving itself for the past few months (just typing that out feels like a huge jinx, so I’m keeping all my fingers crossed).

For reference, I have dehydrated, combination skin (a T-zone on the oily side with dry patches elsewhere that become especially apparent in winter) that is prone to blemishes, so I need to keep on top of my skincare regime, lest my face fall to the evil hands of the acne gods. I’ve decided not to include any of my spot clearing products, simply because they vary from person to person, and things like benzoyl peroxide can cause irritation if not used carefully, so I wouldn’t want to lead anybody astray. If you’d like to see a post on how I keep my skin clear from breakouts (as much as humanly possible, anyhow) then feel free to let me know.

Now, onto the routine!

If I’ve been rocking makeup during the day, I’ll be sure to cleanse my skin thoroughly before bed. I usually do my first cleanse with a standard micellar water – I find the oil-infused version from Garnier great for helping shift stubborn eye makeup while leaving my lashes feeling nice and soft. After removing the majority of my makeup, I’ll always reach for my trusty Clinique cleanser, as it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft, never tight or dry. I like to massage my Take The Day Off balm into my skin while it’s dry, to help shift any loose particles of makeup and dirt, before rinsing it all away with warm water. If you’re looking to add a little exfoliation, you could wet a microfiber towel and gently scrub away the excess cleanser.

Following my cleanse, I’ll swipe a little of my Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice clarifying toner over my whole face with a cotton pad. Occasionally, if my skin is feeling or looking especially dry or dull, I like to include the 3-step method – a K-Beauty trend which involves patting a hydrating toner into your skin a minimum of three times (some of the pros go up to seven) with no rinsing in between. I’ve found this method really does leave my skin looking plumper and gives me a nice, natural glow, and the lack of harsh alcohol in this refreshingly-scented toner makes it the perfect candidate for the task.

I always promised myself I’d hop on the anti-ageing train by the time I turned 20, and that’s where my wonderful It’s Skin Power 10 Q10 serum comes in. Containing coenzyme Q10, this little miracle worker is formulated to boost collagen production and fight signs of maturing skin while keeping everything hydrated. After toning, I drop a little of this onto my fingers and press and pat it over my face and down my neck. I’m dangerously close to running out – I’ll need to get myself over to Beauty Bay to order another bottle (or ten).

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect eye cream, but I have been really enjoying this one from Caudalie. I originally got this deluxe sample size in my Love Me Beauty subscription, and I’m thinking of picking up the full size – formulated with vitamin C and polyphenols, it works to brighten dark circles and prevent deep wrinkles from forming. I simply pat a little of this emollient cream into the contours of my eyes with my ring finger (fun fact: you should always use this finger when applying eye cream, since it applies the least pressure and will disperse the product evenly without pulling at the delicate skin under your eyes).

When it comes to night creams, my absolute holy grail comes in the form of the Aloe Soothing night cream, from The Body Shop. While I don’t have particularly sensitive skin myself, I do find this cream to be really calming whenever my face is especially red, or I’m having a bad breakout. A little goes a long way, and I often get complimented on how glowy and healthy my skin looks after a few nights of using this religiously – after a lot of trial and error, I figured out it was this little beauty that was causing so much skin envy. You might find this cream a little too heavy if you have oily skin – it can sometimes be a little much for my combo skin, which is why I typically reserve it for the colder months.

For the times when my skin is particularly dry (usually after a pesky breakout – damn you, cystic acne!) I like to add my Caudalie Divine Oil into the mix. I swear, this was sent from heaven – patted over my night cream, it seals in the moisture and stops it dissipating, while nourishing and soothing even the driest of skin. I always wake up with a really healthy glow whenever I add this to my routine. Once again, I received this sample in a Love Me Beauty parcel, but I’ve already bookmarked it to purchase once my mini one runs out.

In terms of lip care, you can’t go wrong with a good Lush lip scrub, and my favourite flavour has to be chocolate. If you like the taste and smell of Terry’s chocolate oranges, you’ll love sloughing off any rough and chapped skin with this scrub. Used regularly, it keeps my lips feeling supple and soft, particularly when followed up with a heavy-duty lip balm – as I mentioned as an alternative recommendation in my Disappointing Products of 2017 post, the Nivea lip butters are the best I’ve found for getting lips back to their best.

Thank you for reading! What skincare bits have you been loving this season, or will you be trying any of these? I’d love to know!

5 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 | Evening Skincare Routine

    1. Thank you lovely! It’s a really lovely toner, makes such a difference to my skin in terms of brightening and smoothing texture and goes so well with their matching mask. Plus it smells so good! x

  1. How did I not know about the K-beauty tip of patting a toner in three times! Going to give that a try for sure. I have used up the Caudalie eye cream, it was okay but I love the Kiehl’s Avocado one more it’s so hydrating! xx

    1. I read about it a few months ago but I really do see a difference! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the 7 skin method. Ooh I’ve always wanted to try something from Kiehl’s, might have to try the avocado eye cream as my first pick! xx

  2. […] If I’m feeling up to it, I usually mosey over to my dressing table with a cuppa to do my skincare. A lot of my usual products vary (I’m still figuring out my perfect morning routine) but the Caudalie Divine Oil will almost always make an appearance. It softens my skin wonderfully and makes for the perfect dewy makeup primer, but on this day I just used it sparingly in place of a regular ol’ moisturiser. I’m also working through the last of my lovely It’s Skin serum, partly to give myself an excuse to buy another – you can see these two beauties featured in my evening skincare routine. […]

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