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Blogtober 2017 | Hydrating Hair Essentials

Speaking as a girl with dehydrated, dry tresses, I’m always on the hunt for products that will make my hair stronger, softer and silkier. It’s a constant battle, but I’m happy to report that I think I’ve found a few beauties that could even be considered holy grail status, and I wouldn’t be doing my civic duty if I didn’t recommend them to all my readers who are looking for a haircare overhaul.

If you’re aiming to revive your hair overnight, the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Overnight Hair Healer has your back. I like to slather this gel on liberally from root to tip, tie my hair in a bun and settle down for a good night’s sleep. If I’ve applied it to greasy hair or hair with a lot of product build up, I will wash it away with my normal shampoo/conditioner routine the next morning. Otherwise, you can just wash this baby out with water and you’re good to go.

This product is an absolute miracle worker – if I’ve been lazy about my haircare and I need a jumpstart to get my hair back on track, I will always gravitate towards this. The Overnight Hair Healer nourishes the driest of strands, and leaves my hair feeling wonderfully softened, frizz-free and easy to manage.

I don’t often have to deal with dandruff, but on the occasional flaky/dry scalp days, I will always grab for the Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Tonic. Formulated with tea tee extract and sunflower seed oil, this tonic is designed to treat scalp dryness and dandruff, while its cooling effect works to ease any itchiness you may have. Rich in vitamin E and a myriad of other nourishing nutrients, the sunflower seed oil targets strength and length, encouraging hair to grow naturally while making the follicles sturdier and less prone to breakage. I’ve never found this to leave any residue in my hair, either, which is an added bonus.

Another product that works miracles when it comes to weak, brittle hair is the Living Proof Restore Instant Repair. This leave-in lotion smooths damaged hair cuticles and prevents new split ends from forming, meaning it’s the perfect quick-fix that also works to promote healthy tresses in the long term. Crafted without sulphates and silicones, this cream refrains from simply coating the hair and actually treats it, all the while being safe for chemically-treated and coloured hair.

I’ve already reviewed the Forest & Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil in full, but I simply had to include it as a must-have for hydration, because it’s truly magical. This all-natural oil can be used as an overnight mask and/or a topical treatment for dry ends, and works wonders at softening my strands while keeping everything looking sleek. If you suffer from frizz or have particularly thick hair, I think you’d really like this oil – having said that, I’m a gal with fairly fine locks, and I absolutely love it.

If your hair still ends up looking brittle and dehydrated after drying it, then I’d definitely recommend Garnier’s Strength Restorer Serum. This liquid wonder is part of their honey treasures range, and contains propolis extract, an ingredient crafted by bees which nourishes and helps to act as a protective barrier on the hair. I like to use this on the ends and lengths of my hair after drying, to smooth everything out and keep my locks looking sleek all day long. The serum is thin and absorbs easily, meaning it shouldn’t make your hair greasy or leave a sticky residue.

Thank you for reading! Have you tried any of these haircare heroes? What products are you relying on to keep your mane hydrated? Let me know below!

5 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 | Hydrating Hair Essentials

  1. I’m so hopeless with hair this is such a helpful post, I find when I straighten my hair even if I’ve used heat protectant it makes my hair really dry and brittle so I will definitely be giving the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal a try! xx

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful!! 🙂 the same happens to me, sometimes it almost feels like it’s snapping under the heat because it’s so dry. If I were going to recommend anything under this list it would be the Moisture Seal, I feel like it’s so underrated so I hope you enjoy! xx

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