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Blogtober 2017 | Lush Halloween Haul

The dawn of Halloween season (aka any time between the middle of September and the beginning of November, much to the dismay of traditionalists like my mother, who keeps saying ‘it used to just be a day!’) sees many people flocking to Lush with eager anticipation, keen to see what spooky treats await them. The lure of a new seasonal collection proved too much for me, and I ended up going a tad overboard while on a visit with my friend.

The Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bars were first on my list of must-haves. It feels almost blasphemous to be admitting this, considering the average blogger’s feelings towards Lush, but I’d actually never tried a bubble bar, so it felt like the perfect opportunity to give them a go. The original Sparkly Pumpkin has a gorgeous fruity scent with a slight spiciness to it, which probably comes from the cinnamon stick used to resemble a pumpkin’s stem, while the Pink Pumpkin has a lighter, more feminine aroma of jasmine.

I absolutely had to pick up one of the Lord of Misrule bath bombs. The LOMR scent is arguably the best scent that Lush produces, and I’ve tried it in almost all its forms – I’m still hoarding what’s left of the perfume that I picked up from the Lush Kitchen a few years back, and it still smells just as spicy and delicious. I also picked up a 100g version of the matching shower cream from a beauty buy and sell group, but larger versions are available. If you like warm, earthy scents, you’ll love the patchouli infused fragrance that comes with Lord of Misrule.

I crumbled a little of the Pink Pumpkin bubble bar into one of my baths and the bubbles it created were absolutely amazing, especially given how little I used. Paired with my all time favourite Lord of Misrule bath bomb (which fizzed to reveal a gloriously pink and green mixture) it created the most gorgeous bath water – sort of like glittery raspberry wine.

After reading about the Bewitched bubble bar that featured in Sam (Violet Hollow)’s Lush haul, I just knew I had to pick it up. She made it sound absolutely magical, and she was right – the combination of Olibanum and Bergamot oils give it a really unique, smoky scent with an underlying sharpness that, to me, absolutely sums up what the concept of Halloween would smell like. The black cat design is also very cute, and I can’t wait to kick back in some glittery black water. I imagine that’s what witches baths would look like, which makes this even cooler.

While not technically part of the Halloween collection, the Secret Arts jelly bomb seemed like it would make for a wonderfully spooky experience. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the jelly bombs, but the idea is that they release a conditioning jelly which sits on top of the bath water, softening the skin. Similar to the Bewitched bar, this bath bomb gives the water a sparkly black hue, and the eye on the front reminds me a lot of A Series of Unfortunate Events. The scent also feels perfect for this time of year – a beautiful cocktail of citrusy Brazilian Orange Oil, spicy Cinnamon Leaf Oil and a hint of sweetness, this aroma is sure to get you feeling nice and relaxed.

Thank you for reading, and a happy Halloween to all of you! Have you tried anything from this collection, or will you be picking any of these up? I’d definitely recommend the Sparkly Pumpkin bars – and anything scented like Lord of Misrule, of course.

Sending Halloween-y vibes,

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