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Blogtober 2017 | My Favourite A/W Nail Polishes (Part 1)

Anyone who knows me should know that nails are something I take very seriously. I try not to go too many days without shaping them and slathering them in hand cream and cuticle oil, and if you see me in public with raggedy, bare nails, you can assume I’m probably not having the best week. As you can imagine, it was difficult for me to narrow down my absolute favourite autumn shades into one post, so I’ve split them into two categories.

This post will be covering the more classic hues, from a rich, ruby red shade to a beautiful khaki, and all the warm oranges in between, while my second post will delve into the slightly more unusual shades that I believe are also perfect for this time of year.

If you’re looking for something affordable, glossy and suitably garnet-coloured, look no further than Rimmel’s 60 Second Super Shine polish in It’s The Cherry On Top. This deepened cherry looks beautiful against all colours, and stays glossy and chip-free for a good few days, providing you use a top coat.

As I mentioned in my Disappointing Products of 2017 post (in the alternative recommendations section, you’ll be happy to know) the No7 Gel Finish polishes have one of my favourite nail polish formulas – they’re opaque, long-lasting and ultra shiny, and I’d recommend the entire range. When it comes to transitional shades, warm, burnt oranges like Ginger look stunning against pale skin and reflect the changing leaves of autumn, making this the perfect polish for the colder months (though I tend to wear it all year round, but that’s just me).

Another warm toned (albeit brighter, less muted) orange that has a special place in my heart is Rouge Opéra. It’s my perfect colour for, well, just about everything, and I practically dashed over to the L’Oréal stand when I saw it sitting there in all its autumnal glory. The L’Oréal polishes have a thin but opaque formula and last a few days without chipping, though I’d recommend capping the nail with a top coat to ensure the colour doesn’t shrink and wear away. I’d make an accompanying lipstick and eyeshadow out of this colour if I could, but I guess it will have to stick to sitting pretty on my nails in the form of Rouge Opéra.

Another of my autumn favourites comes in the form of Grenat Irreverent, also by L’Oréal – a deep, deep raisin shade that looks black in dim lights, but shows up as a rich, dark plum in sunlight. Quite honestly, I wasn’t expecting to love this shade as much as I do – purple really isn’t my colour – but the way the blackberry shade stays opaque, glossy and dramatic, without being fully noir, makes it a staple in my winter polishes. I consider this a more ‘mature’ version of a standard black polish – while I still love ebony manicures, there’s something super classy about Grenat Irreverent.

Autumn has also found me falling head over heels in love with the gorgeous olive tones of Vert Absynthe. This khaki coloured beauty grabbed my attention each time I saw it on display – yellowed, olive-y greens are usually pushed out of drugstore nail polish ranges in favour of emeralds and teals, so you can imagine how excited I was to see it among the usual suspects at the L’Oréal stand (for the low price of £4.99, too!). Khaki shades suit a wide range of people, even those of us on the fairer side of things. We may not be able to tan well in summer, but at least the autumn shades are kind to us!

Thank you for reading! Have you tried any of these beautiful polishes before? What are your favourite shades to wear at this time of year? I’d love to know – I’m always looking to expand my nail polish collection (against my better judgment).

5 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 | My Favourite A/W Nail Polishes (Part 1)

  1. I’m a nailpolishes addict! I feel so Naked when my nails are bare 😂 I’m quite a huge fan of Rimmel polishes in general ☺️ I have a shade from Essie that I really love, I can’t remember the name, but it’s a deep, dark red wine color 💅🏽 Perfect for the fall.

    1. Likewise, it’s so weird looking at my hands and seeing bare nails! Ooh Essie have some gorgeous red shades. I need to try more from Essie! Thanks for reading lovely, hope you enjoy my next polish post!! 🙂 <3

    1. Haha I’m sorry if I cause you to do some damage in Superdrug!! I’m such a nail polish fiend I just couldn’t whittle it down :’) thank you so much for reading and commenting by the way, your support means a lot and I’ll be heading over to catch up on your posts now 🙂 xx

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