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Blogtober 2017 | My Favourite A/W Nail Polishes (Part 2)

Last week, I published part one of my favourite nail polishes for the colder months. In it, I detailed how difficult a nail polish obsessive like myself finds it to narrow down just a handful of recommendations from my over-the-top collection, so I’m back with my second round of suggestions. Each shade was chosen to be a little more unexpected or unusual, while still staying appropriate for this time of year (at least, in my opinion). If you’d like to see my list of more traditional autumnal shades, you can check out my part one post here.

My top pick from this selection would have to be the Zoya Professional Lacquer in the shade Autumn. A stunning gingerbread hue flecked with fine gold shimmers, this polish has a lovely consistency – thin, but wonderfully opaque and fast-drying. I found this to last about a week on my nails with only minor chips, and I’m very keen to try out other colours in their collection.

A few other shimmers standing out as autumnal must-haves come from the Barry M Molten Metals range. Copper Mine is a lovely, coppery rose gold with silver flecks of shimmer, while Gold Rush is a bright yellow gold with a slight pinkish shift, and would make for a lovely Christmassy manicure if paired with a bright red polish. Both these shades, as with many shimmers, dry quickly and stay chip-free for a good few days.

Both the Barry M and Zoya polishes are cruelty free and come without the added nasties – both brands proudly bear their ’10-free formula’, referring to an ingredient list free from unnecessary toxins, parabens and components such as formaldehyde, a substance that can irritate the skin. These polishes are also vegan.

On the super budget-friendly side of things (since Barry M will only set you back £3.99 per polish!) sits this Essence Glow & Care Luminous polish. The shade featured here (06 Berry Caring) is a rich berry purple with a fine pinkish shimmer running through it, added to give nails luminosity and to keep them from looking dull. The added Kukui oil, an oil derived from the seeds of the State Tree of Hawaii, works to strengthen and nourish tips and keep them looking healthy. I find the cold weather can leave my nails feeling a little brittle, so having a hydrating factor in my polish is a huge bonus.

When it comes to nudes, I am a huge fan of the Maybelline Color Show 60 Second polish in 1 Go Bare. Granted, this slightly pinky nude looks beautiful at any time of year, but the slight warmth sets it apart from paler, more neutral nudes, making it a great autumn shade for the colour-shy amongst you. The Color Show polishes are another high street gem, with a nice formula and decent colour range running at a mere £2.99 per polish.

Thank you for reading! Have you tried any of these shades, or will you be trying them? What polishes are you donning this season? I’d love to know!

3 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 | My Favourite A/W Nail Polishes (Part 2)

    1. They’re just gorgeous, aren’t they! They have so many lovely shades in the range, I reckon I’ll be going back for Bronze Bae at some point :p xx

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