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Blogtober 2017 | New Barry M Palettes for Autumn

A quick scroll through their Instagram page will show you just how ready Barry M are for Halloween, and while their black lip paint and glittery lip gloss are certainly ideal for making yourself suitably spooky, what caught my eye were their new palette releases. Specifically, the Fall in Love and Crown Jewels palettes – they’ve also launched a third palette called Meteor Storm, but it didn’t catch my eye nearly as much as the former two.

Housing ten shades each, these palettes have a slightly different layout to what we’ve seen previously from Barry M. Truthfully, I much prefer the square pans – they look much neater in my opinion, and I found the thin pans to be a bit of a pain when it came to dipping my brush in. In terms of composition, Fall in Love is comprised of all mattes, while Crown Jewels is made up entirely of shimmers, so the two complement each other quite well.

Fall in Love palette

This earth toned beauty is a subtle take on the current trend of sunset-inspired shades, and I’m really drawn to this more wearable range of warm tones. The pops of red, orange and a yellow (which gives me total ColourPop Paper Tiger vibes) place this beauty bang on trend, while the more neutral beiges and cooler toned browns ground it and make it more every day appropriate.

I’ll be honest, the stiffness of these shades did disappoint me when initially swatching – the more vibrant shades, in particular, seemed to be a bit of a let down, with about half of them giving a patchy colour payoff that ended up looking chalky. On the eyes, however, I was pleasantly surprised with how they performed. The yellow and orange were especially surprising, and while they weren’t as easy to blend as shadows in my higher end palettes, I didn’t find them to skip at all on my skin. As a result, the final look was even and smooth.

Even through blending, the colours stayed bright and highly pigmented, which isn’t always the case with shades like yellow. I’d liken the formula of these shades to the ones in my ColourPop Yes, Please! palette (you can read my review of this here) – a tad stiff on application, but entirely workable and well pigmented.

The lighter shades were really nice to work with, too, which isn’t something I find myself saying often. The second shade in the palette (a mauvey-toned light brown) makes for a beautiful transition shade, while the shade directly below it works particularly well alongside the yellow. I found these colours to be smooth and easy to blend, and they’re the perfect shades for every day.

Crown Jewels palette

Designed to represent a variety of jewel tones, this all-shimmer palette really is a true stunner. I’m not sure I could necessarily award the status of ‘crown jewel of my collection’ to any of my palettes (I have a lot of them, after all!) but when it comes to shimmer shades, this beauty definitely sits high on my list.

I was seriously impressed when it came to swatching the shades. The pigment was so intense and felt buttery on my fingers, and they blended like a dream when it came to application. The metallic sheen becomes even more apparent when used with a damp brush – I usually spray a flat shader brush with my Mario Badescu spray or my Primark Primer Water – and looks gorgeous packed all over the lid. Last week, I paired the yellowy tones from the Fall in Love palette with the orange and bronze shimmers shown here, and they worked beautifully together, but if you were only to get one of these palettes, I’d say it’d have to be this one.

The only shade I found a little disappointing was the blue – it didn’t seem quite as pigmented as the others, and was a little stiffer to make work, but certainly not impossible. For such a purse-friendly palette, you really can’t complain. I’d recommend snapping this beauty up ASAP, as it’s limited edition and may not stick around for long!

While the cardboard packaging isn’t particularly luxe, the designs on the front are really lovely. It’s particularly impressive when you factor in the small price tag (£6.49) and I sort of prefer it to the plastic packaging that many budget brands have. Sure, they might not last well with a lot of travelling and little TLC, but they’ll look pretty sitting atop any dressing table.

Both of these palettes are vegan and Barry M are proud to be cruelty free.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried either of these palettes yet, or will you be picking them up? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 | New Barry M Palettes for Autumn

  1. Honestly I’m not that into buying halloween themed makeup, as I know I probably won’t be using it that much. But these palettes look so beautiful, I even have a hard time time deciding which one I like the most hahaha 😀 It’s great to hear they worked well on your lids 🙂 I don’t think i’ve tried Barry M makeup before, only their polishes that I adore. Such a lovely post <3

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Noreen! 🙂 I’m the same, I own very few ‘costume’ products, but these palettes were too lovely to pass up. I love their nail polishes too, but they have some really great bits, and I think they get better all the time. If you get the chance to try their makeup, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! <3

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