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Blogtober 2017 | The £8 Modern Renaissance Dupe

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram’s explore page or watched any makeup tutorials over the past year and a half, you will have likely seen the highly coveted beauty that is the Modern Renaissance palette, from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This 14-pan palette is credited for kick-starting the warm shadow trend that I discussed in my ColourPop ‘Yes Please’ review, and brands were quick to jump on the duping train. One such dupe comes from NYX Cosmetics.

My first thought upon seeing their entirely matte Lid Lingerie palette was, ‘wow! That middle shade really looks like Buon Fresco!’. So, of course, I had to snatch it up to compare with my new, but very much loved, Modern Renaissance palette.

Granted, there is a considerable size difference – the Lid Lingerie palette houses six pans, as opposed to the fourteen in the Anastasia version, but I’d argue that it still counts as a budget-friendly alternative. The shades which share similarities are some of the most wearable out of the bunch in the Modern Renaissance. These shades are also some of the most popular, meaning you can bag the neutral colours you’ve been lusting after without paying the extra for berry tones you know you’ll never wear.

Of course, the formula isn’t a dead-on dupe – I’m not sure I’ll ever find something that even comes close to Anastasia’s buttery, highly pigmented shades – but the budget option puts up a good fight! Each colour blends smoothly on the eyes and is easily buildable, making it the perfect palette for beginners.

The intense pigmentation and powder kick-off of the Anastasia shadows can be a little daunting for someone new to makeup, so I’d always recommend shadows that are slightly more pressed and a tad less buttery, as you can build them up to your desired intensity without going overboard too easily. The lightest shade was a tad drier than the others when it came to swatching, but still blended well on my brow bone and inner corner.

A couple of the shades are slightly off, but they are, for the most part, extremely similar. Burnt Orange is a little more orange toned compared to its peachy counterpart, and Red Ochre has more of a reddish base (though I’d argue this makes the NYX shade a little more user-friendly, as browns are easier to get to grips with for the average eyeshadow wearer).

On the eyes, each shade looks basically identical – I was most impressed with how similar the dusty mauve shades are, considering it’s a fairly atypical colour to find in a budget palette.

The softness of the Anastasia shadows suggests they’re prone to breakage, so I appreciate having a compact palette in the same tone and colour scheme that I don’t have to worry about smashing so easily. If it does, I’m not likely to be too heartbroken about it – after all, it’s only £8 – you could end up breaking and repurchasing five of these babies and still be spending less than if you picked up just one Anastasia palette. And really, if you’re destroying that many palettes on the reg’, you might want to think about how you’re treating your makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this cheeky little find! The highstreet is home to some wonderful hidden gems, and while I love my Modern Renaissance with all my heart, I’m super excited to have found something so similar for a fraction of the price. Have you tried the Lid Lingerie palette, or will you be picking it up? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Blogtober 2017 | The £8 Modern Renaissance Dupe

  1. Woah those shades look identical to the ABH palette! I’ve never looked at it that Nyx palette, and thought for Modern Renaisance, but seeing them swatched side by side really surprised me. Did you W7 made a palette idential to the modern renaisance? I’m intrigued cause I love the shades, but I haven’t been impressed with W7 shadows, so I might skip it.

    1. I know right, I was so impressed with it! Yeah I saw that, but I’m the same as you – not totally sold on their formula. I actually used to own one of their Naked dupes (before I owned the real thing) and ended up giving it away because I didn’t like the quality. You should check this out though, I find myself reaching for this a lot when I need a quick and simple look and it always delivers! Thanks for reading sweet pea x

    1. Aw thank you lovely!! They’re actually a really good quality considering they’re mattes and I was so impressed with how similar the shades are. Thank you for reading Sam! 🙂 xx

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