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Blogtober 2017 | The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Collection

When it comes to luxurious and enticing scents, it’s safe to say that The Body Shop know their stuff. Famed for their range of best-selling body products, they have decided to expand their line with the new vanilla pumpkin collection, which is likely destined to be a blogger favourite. This limited edition range contains a body butter, shower gel, shimmering body mist and hand cream, each containing the gloriously warm vanilla pumpkin fragrance.

When I saw that The Body Shop were releasing a range for autumn, I was very excited indeed – in fact, I believe this is their first ever autumn-specific launch. Their Christmas collection typically features classic scents like spiced apple (which I am praying makes a comeback this year, as my stash of body scrub is running low!) and their seasonal releases are often highly anticipated, so this came as a welcome surprise for me.

In order to avoid adding to my mountain of body butters, I decided to just pick up their vanilla pumpkin shower gel and accompanying hand cream. I figured I wouldn’t get much use out of their shimmering body mist, but I’m feeling a little regretful now since it’s out of stock at the time of writing this review.

I’ve always adored The Body Shop’s shower gel formula – the silky gel envelops your skin in moisture, leaving you feeling perfectly cleansed and softened – and their vanilla pumpkin edition is no exception. As you massage this into your body, the gorgeous scent of vanilla almost seems to ‘warm up’, and the smell of maple syrup and tonka bean becomes more apparent. I’ve loved using this during a night time shower, right before putting my PJs on and climbing into bed – it’s the perfect shower pamper product, and would make an excellent gift for anyone who needs a little R&R!

I was always curious to try their hand cream range as my mum is a big fan of their Hemp moisturising hand lotion, praising it for its super-hydrating formula. Mother certainly knew best in this case, because I think I’ve just found my new favourite hand cream. Not only does the beautifully cosy scent ‘warm up’ upon application (much like the shower gel) but the cream itself sinks easily into the skin and nourishes well without feeling greasy or pilling up into little balls.

I’m a big fan of hand creams, but I’ve only found a few that I really adore – most of the ones I own tend to sit on the skin, making me reluctant to use my phone or touch anything until the lotion is fully absorbed. On the other hand, thinner formulas often do very little in the way of hydration, so I’m over the moon to finally have a hand cream that strikes a perfect balance between the two.

This collection was seriously impressive for me. As a lover of warm, autumnal scents, it has the perfect fragrance which seems to really come out when you start to apply each product. The formulas themselves are amazing, and even if you don’t fancy this particular scent, I’d recommend checking out their other shower gels and hand creams – if these two are anything to go by, I think it’s safe to say they’ll be worth it!

Have you tried anything from this collection? What did you think of the products? I reckon I’ll be spending the next few weeks eyeing the product page for the body mist, willing it to come back in stock. What else is new?

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