Review | Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

The beginning of August saw the release of three new Real Techniques sponges to join the much loved Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Alongside the orange ‘do it all’ favourite, most of the new sponges are designed to target specific areas of the face.

This new range features:

  • Miracle Sculpting Sponge (pink) – “a 6-in-1 sponge designed to create shadows or highlight your favourite facial features”
  • Bold Metals Miracle Diamond Sponge (marbleised) – “13 facets and a swirl design unique to each sponge, […] designed to work with multiple products on different areas of your face”
  • Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges (purple, 2-pack) – “4-in-1 […] go-to for correcting blunders”

(Descriptions taken from the Real Techniques website)

While the whole range looked high quality and in keeping with the standards we’ve come to expect from RT, I was most impressed by the look of the Mini Eraser Sponges.

Being a long time user and big fan of the original Miracle Complexion Sponge, I opted for these – they are the closest in shape to the original, but much smaller (and so much cuter). The only difference is the added edge on the flat side of the sponge, as seen here:

Excuse the state of my larger sponge – it’s in need of a good clean!

These little miracles (trust me – they’re aptly named) are actually designed to remove makeup mistakes, such as eyeliner smudges and eye shadow fallout. However, I bought them with the intention of applying under eye concealer  – and you can bet that’s exactly how I use ’em.

I find that they work just as well as their orange big sister when it comes to application. The genius thing about having two in one set is that I can now use one for creams, such as under eye corrector and concealer, and the other for powder. This way, the products aren’t mixing on the sponge and becoming cakey.

Personally, I like to use one sponge with my Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, and the other with my Ben Nye Luxury Powder, but this is just down to personal preference.


I found these cuties to be perfectly shaped for the under eye area and well designed for precise application and blending. The extra edge is a great addition when it comes to blending out cream products in specific areas, while the tapered tip is ideal for application.

Much like the original Miracle Complexion Sponge, these babies are non product absorbing, yet still have the right amount of sponginess to ‘bounce’ across the skin. If you prefer a harder, stiffer sponge, the Real Techniques sponges may not be for you, although I personally find bouncier sponges better for blending out cream based product (particularly in smaller, targeted sections of the face, like the under eye area). The same is true for powder application, making this set a great one for both application and setting.


It’s safe to say that I love everything about these little miracles, including their price. They are £5.99 for the two at Boots and currently on offer for £4.49 at Superdrug. Have you picked up any of the new Real Techniques sponges? How did you find them?

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