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Review & Swatches | ColourPop Yes Please Palette

When ColourPop first released teaser pictures of their Yes Please palette, I, along with any other warm-toned eyeshadow lover, absolutely lost it. This year has been an adventure for the brand – they released their first ever powder eyeshadows in January, and have consistently launched new collections ever since. The Yes Please palette was their first fully-fledged palette launch, after a few initial pre-made quads, and they’re showing no signs of stopping, as it is being restocked today (27th July) at 6pm in the UK (10am PST).

Warm eyeshadows have become especially popular in recent years, with palettes such as the Anastasia Modern Renaissance and the Morphe 35O sending people into a frenzy with their sunset-inspired shades. I really admire ColourPop’s take on the trend – their inclusion of bright yellow and tangerine tones isn’t something I’ve seen in budget shadows, yet they make up some of my favourite shades in the palette. They’ve included a couple of their single eyeshadows in here as well, but I’m glad that it contains mostly new shades, as it truly feels worth the money.

I’ve broken down each shade in the palette to give you an idea of the colour and how I’d choose to use each one:

  • Full Zip (matte): a creamy, warm bone colour. Ideal for highlighting the brow bone or blending out crease shades. Also available as a single shadow
  • Big Cocktails (matte): a pure, deep orange. This shade is a little stiffer to work with, but the colour payoff is extraordinary. This is one of those shades that looks gorgeous with smoky looks when blended into the crease, as it brings a little warmth and dimension to the eye
  • Champs (matte): a pale peach shade. Think ‘Georgia’ from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, but slightly more peach. This shade is perfect as a transition colour, or blended all over the eye for a quick and simple look
  • Bling (metallic shimmer): a rusty orange brown with an intense orange shimmer. Bling looks stunning packed onto the lid, and the metallic sheen is particularly apparent if you wet your brush first

  • Louie (duochrome shimmer): a peachy red with a gold reflect. The gold micro shimmers look stunning, and the shade appears almost rose gold when it catches the light. Perfect as an all over the lid shade, especially if you’re doing a halo eye look
  • Butter Cake (metallic shimmer): a true light gold that comes to life when the light hits it. This shade makes me think of sunlight, and it’s one of my favourite shades in the palette. Butter Cake looks stunning dusted on the centre of the lid to give a pop of gold shimmer. This shade definitely has the most fall out of the bunch, so remember to tap your brush off before applying. You could even do your eye makeup before your face makeup, to prevent any excess shadow from ruining the base you’ve created
  • Spoiled (matte): a pure red that blends out into a gorgeous brick colour. The formula is a little stiff, but has decent pigmentation and looks absolutely beautiful blended out all over the lid. Shades like this are my favourite to use for warm, intense smoky eye looks, and it’s a shade that looks good on everybody
  • GNO (matte): a smooth, brown, burnt-orange shade. This shade is perfect for deepening the crease or adding warmth to any eye look
Swatches of Full Zip – GNO from the Yes Please palette

I decided to save the last four swatches for a separate photo, to save the shades being bunched together on my arm:

  • Mischief (matte): a bright, warm yellow. This is one of the brightest eyeshadows in my collection and, truthfully, one of my favourites in this palette. The formula is a little dry when swatched but it blends easily on the eyes and looks stunning in the crease. Yellow eyeshadows may seem daunting, but they’re actually great for adding to the crease in neutral looks to add a bit of warmth. In fact, I like to use them as a base for any eyeshadow that I want to look a bit warmer. If you’re someone who likes to get creative with your eye makeup, you’ll like the intensity of this yellow
  • Note To Self (matte): a yellowed, warm brown. It appears similar to Bobbi Brown’s single eyeshadow in ‘Camel’, if a bit lighter, but I don’t own that eyeshadow so cannot definitively compare the two. These kinds of shades look beautiful in the crease if you’re going for more of a natural style, or in any warm toned look. Also available as a single shadow
  • Chauffeur (metallic duochrome): a light, yellowed orange with a strong gold reflect. This shade looks beautiful packed onto the lid with a wet shader brush
  • French Kiss (matte): an ultra warm, deep reddish brown. This shade was the toughest to blend out on the eye, so the key is to layer it little by little. You can definitely make this shade work, though. When applied with a little patience, French Kiss looks lovely in the outer V, smudged into the crease and blended out on the lower lash line
Mischief – French Kiss from the Yes Please palette

I built these shades up to give you an idea of the intensity, but each colour packs a good amount of pigment on its own. The shimmers are extremely buttery and almost creamy to the touch – they remind me of metallic shadows with a higher price tag.

A few of the matte shades are a little stiffer and give a little more powder kick up. This is especially true for intense shades like Big Cocktails and French Kiss – small chunks of pigment seemed to come off when I pressed my finger or dipped my brush into them, and ended up creating a bit of a mess inside the palette, so that’s something to be aware of.

I ordered this as a single item on the ColourPop website for $16, with an added $9.99 for shipping to the UK, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t receive a customs charge. The palette was a little banged up when it arrived (a couple of shades were missing a few small chunks) which implies that these shadows could be more prone to breaking, so it may not make for a good travel palette. If you’re looking for something compact, but in the same colour scheme, I’d recommend checking out the Smashbox Covershot Palette in Ablaze (reviewed briefly here) though both palettes are fantastic in their own ways.

The Yes Please palette is packaged in slim cardboard with a magnetic closure and features the names of each shadow on the back – something I am very fond of. The lack of a mirror isn’t terribly inconvenient to me, but it’s something to bear in mind.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Yes Please palette. A few of the shades seem dry when swatched, but they translate well over an eye primer, and at the end of the day, that’s what counts. I do prefer the feel of their single pressed shadows, but having this curation in palette form is extremely handy and far cheaper than collecting a bunch of singles separately.

With conversion rates, I paid just under £20 for this palette, and I’d say it’s certainly worth it – it’s cheaper than the Morphe 35O palette (though the 35O houses 35 shades, as opposed to 12) and, in my opinion, better quality. Yes Please is also considered a dupe for the luxurious Natasha Denona Sunset palette, and people have also made comparisons between this and the brand new Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay. I don’t own either, so I can’t compare them myself, but ColourPop have certainly established themselves as a contender when it comes to warm shadow releases. I’m interested to see their take on future trends.

To reiterate, this palette will be restocking today (July 27th) at 6pm BST (10am PST). It’s likely to sell out fast, so have your mouse at the ready!

Let me know your thoughts on this palette, and whether you’ll be picking one up! Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Review & Swatches | ColourPop Yes Please Palette

  1. Omg I can’t get over how gorgeous the shades are in the CP palette <3 I'm a nude kinda girl, but I find these shades so appealing, and for only $16 it doesen't get better. I have some of their single shadows, and really love them! The problem is just, that our limit in Denmark is less than $11/12, so by going over that I'm in high risk at paying taxes, import fees etc. 🙁

    Beauty On A Budget

    1. It’s just beautiful isn’t it! I think I could stare at it forever. I think I’ll always be a nude girl at heart too, can’t beat a good brown eyeshadow! Popular Demand is one of my fave singles they do, along with Paper Tiger 🐯
      That sucks about the risk of customs. They need to base themselves in Europe asap! Xx

    1. Likewise! I think it’s quite unique considering it’s bang on trend as well, the yellow is what really drew me to buying it in the first place (we all know I have enough warm toned palettes to fill up an empty pool) xxx

    1. I’m so glad I bought it! It has a great range of shades if you’re looking to do something super warm toned and smoky. I highly recommend it, particularly for the price 🙂 x

    1. It’s a brilliant little palette for the price. I really love Colourpop, especially their single pan shadows. Hoping to pick up their concealers at some point in the near future! Thank you Sam 🙂 xx

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