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Review & Swatches | Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Highlighters*

The era of glow is well and truly upon us, and Makeup Revolution are no stranger to this fact. Their selection of highlighters, ranging from the ‘barely there’ to the absolutely blinding, have amassed a lot of love, and they’re back with what I am sure will be another winner. Never ones to miss an opportunity to dominate a market, Makeup Revolution have come out with what is, to my knowledge, the first loose highlighter available on the high street.

I had been eyeing up the Pearl Lights highlighters on the TAMBeauty website just one day before a lovely PR package arrived at my door. These highlighters are available in five dazzling shades, and I have three to share with you.

True Gold is a pale white gold with a strong yellow-gold shift. Truthfully, the yellow tone of this powder scared me when I first swatched it, but it’s far more flattering on the cheekbones, where it appears as a pretty white gold. This is a good pick for pale gals looking for a gilded glow, and I’ll definitely be leaning towards this one in the spring and summer months.

Peach Champagne is a pale pink that looks absolutely stunning on fair skin. The pink shift isn’t nearly as strong as the yellow is in True Gold, and this is definitely my favourite out of the three. Applied lightly, it gives my skin a beautiful, natural looking sheen, and can be layered to give a more intense effect.

Savanna Nights is a pretty bronze shade. This is clearly way too dark for me to wear as a highlighter, but I imagine it would look lovely on tan and medium-deep skin. They have two other darker shades available (Sunset Gold and Candy Glow) and both are suited for deeper skin tones, so it’s great to see them catering to a wide range of people.

In terms of the formula, they’re certainly more buttery than I expected, and are easily buildable, meaning you can layer them to be as subtle or as intense as you’d like. I found them to last all day on top of my other face makeup (we’re talking around 6 – 8 hours) and they looked as beautifully glowy as they did when first applied. There’s no glitter to be found, just a stunning sheen, and they remind me a lot of the highlighters in their Ultra Pro Glow and Soph highlighting palettes – you can read my review of these here. The buttery formula allows them to almost ‘melt’ into the skin, creating the ever sought after ‘lit from within’ look.

I apply these highlighters by tipping a little of the powder into the cap and then dipping in a dense highlighting brush, wiping any excess off on the back of my hand and dusting whatever’s left on the brush onto the high points of my face. I’d recommend working little by little – as is the nature with loose powder products, it can start to look a little chalky if you pack on too much at once, so it’s best to build up the glow bit by bit.

The beauty of loose highlighters is never having to worry about the irritating ‘film’ forming in the pan – sometimes, pressed powders develop a layer over them (caused by oils from your face and fingertips) which makes them almost impossible to use, as your brush can no longer dig up any of the product. This potentially gives these loose highlighters a longer shelf life than their pressed counterparts.

Packaged in the same plastic tubs as their other face powders, these highlighters come with a sifter, as opposed to a dispenser made with mesh. I’ll admit, the packaging is a bit of a dud for me – firstly, it’s a total pain to travel with (as is the case with many loose powders) and it can be hard to gauge how much product will come out of the pot. I’ve seen people (including myself) complain about this sort of thing with the RCMA No Color Powder container. To solve that issue, I ended up purchasing an empty sifter jar and depositing some of it into that – it’s not the most elegant solution, but it’s certainly manageable, and the same would apply to these highlighters.

I’ll admit, I had never used a loose highlighter prior to this – the Artist Couture Diamond Glow powders always seemed very appealing, but they’re apparently a nightmare to get hold of in the UK, and are on the pricier side of things. In contrast, the Pearl Lights highlighters will set you back a mere £5 per pot, making them a very attractive and budget-friendly option.

Thank you for reading! What do you think of these brand new highlighters? Will you be picking any up? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*This product was sent to me for my consideration, but all opinions remain my own. Some of the links in the carousel above are affiliate links – each one is marked with an asterisk – and clicks and orders placed through these links allow me to make a small commission. I am not being paid to write this review.

7 thoughts on “Review & Swatches | Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Highlighters*

  1. I haven’t seen anyone really talk about these highlighters before. To be honest loose highlighter sounds a bit frigtening in my ears hahaha. I’m afraid I’ll go overboard, and just in general I’m not that great with loose powders. But your swatches look beautiful! So does the shades as well 😀 I love the champagne and gold shade <3

    1. Yeah, I was very scared as well. I put off testing them for a couple of days because I was worried they’d ruin my whole face, but as long as you tap or wipe off the excess, you should be good! Thank you darling!! 🙂 they are really beautiful shades, they don’t look like much in the tub but it’s a whole other story on the face. Thanks for reading Noreen 🙂 xx

    1. I hadn’t tried this but I gave it a go after I read your comment and, unfortunately, it was not a pretty sight! It’s a little too harsh, with the tiniest, tiniest amount you probably could but it would go overboard very quickly. Makeup Rev. recommend mixing this in with foundation or moisturiser though, so that’s always something to try. I’m gonna test that out myself soon! Thanks for reading sweet pea 🙂 xx

    1. It is a bit of a learning curve, but I found I got more used to it the longer I used it, just like my RCMA powder. I do wish they’d change the packaging though! True Gold is a really lovely shade. Thanks for reading lovely 🙂 xx

  2. Although I am pretty much a highlighter-junkie, I have yet to try one that is loose! These swatch really well and seem nice, wish we had this brand here so that I could give it a go. I always had my eye on Artist Couture too, but good luck with that (not a brand you would easily find in Dubai either lol) xx

    Naya //

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