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Phase Zero Makeup | Review & Swatches

Strap yourselves in, folks, because I have a big bundle of products to talk about today!

Those of you familiar with the former subscription service Love Me Beauty may have noticed that they’ve gone the way of companies such as Beauty Pie and launched their own makeup line, Phase Zero. Members signed up to LMB receive marked down prices on all products, compared to the RRP for non-members, much like with Beauty Pie – this means you can snag some gorgeous single eyeshadow pans and a lipstick for the price of a fancy coffee. Not bad, eh?

Phase Zero have released a bunch of lovely new goodies since their initial lip launch in February, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down! I purchased an assortment of things to review, and after testing them all out for a few weeks, I’m ready to give you the lowdown on this brand new brand.

Lip Products

Phase Zero originally released a range of glosses, liquid lipsticks and lip toppers, each priced at £3.50 for members. All lip products are now available in bundles.

Lip Gloss

Baby Pink is a sheer pinkish gel gloss. It layers beautifully over other pink lip products, since it is somewhat translucent.

The gel texture keeps it from feeling sticky, though it can get a tad gloopy. It has a fairly average wear-time of 2 or so hours before needing to be reapplied, though that time will dramatically cut down if you’re eating or drinking.

I’ve really been enjoying this shade for Spring and Summer.

Liquid Lipsticks

Gingerbread is my favourite shade of the bunch; A brownish, brick-red that will warm up any look and compliment a wide variety of shades and skin tones.

Pink Suede is a lovely nude pink, with just a slight hint of brown that makes it a really wearable nude.

Love You A Latte/Chai Latte is a mid-tone brown nude. There seems to be some discrepancy between the name listed on the website and the sticker on the base of the product, but they are both the same lipstick.

When it comes to the formula of the liquid lipsticks, all I can say is wow. They have a wonderfully smooth, slightly whipped texture that dries down to a comfortable, long-lasting matte. I haven’t found any of the shades to be at all streaky, and they don’t gather around the dry parts of my lips.

I’m not usually one to opt for a moussey liquid lipstick, but this is the perfect blend of a whipped and liquid-y formula, and I am in love with it. I didn’t really have any expectations (good or bad) when I first ordered them, but they have quickly become some of my favourite lipsticks for every day wear.

On top of all that, they also smell like freshly baked cake. The only downside I can find is that you might get a craving for dessert when you apply, but the smell does dissipate.

If, like me, you’ve been hunting for a long-lasting but comfortable liquid lipstick that doesn’t cling to any dryness whatsoever, I’d highly recommend checking out Phase Zero.

Single Eyeshadows

Phase Zero currently have a range of satin and shimmer shadows to offer (£2.90 each, members price) and I have 5 to share.

Pearl (shimmer) is a pretty pearl shade with a slightly pinky hue. It makes for a beautiful highlighter, both on the eye and the face.

Pink Champagne (shimmer) is an orange-toned rose gold that would be a perfect all-over lid shade for Summer.

Nude Newbie (shimmer) is a pinky, taupey nude that would work beautifully as a base in any look.

Cool Girl (sheer satin) is a sheer and wearable lilac. I’ve been smudging a little of this under my lower lash line for a subtle pop of colour, but it also looks lovely as a sheer wash of purple over the lid. This is one of my favourite shades in the bunch.

Ballet Slipper (shimmer) is a more pinky, more intense version of Nude Newbie. I love wearing this shade alone, or as a central highlight shade in a pinky halo eye look.

Each shade feels buttery and blendable, though there is a little fall out with the nude shades. Pink Champagne was a little disappointing to me – the sheen was a tad dull, even when applied with a wet brush, but the shade itself is beautiful.

There are 23 shades in total and Phase Zero also sell a magnetic palette to house their shades (£4.80, members price).

Liquid Eyeshadows

April saw the release of two new formulas of liquid eyeshadow (£4.00 each, members price). Their coconut water line is a liquid formula designed to be ultra metallic, while the metal veil range is creamier and more opaque. Out of the 11 shades, I have 3 to share.

Romance (coconut water) is a metallic pink champagne shade that catches the light beautifully.

Foxy (metal veil) is a highly pigmented golden burnt orange.

Simmer (metal veil) is a reddish rose gold, and is just as pigmented and creamy as Foxy.

The formula of the metal veil range is lovely – they blend easily and set down into a budge-proof metallic finish. I’ve been using these for quick, one-shadow looks on days when I’m in a rush, as they look so effortlessly glam.

Once blended, the shades almost seem to set down to a satin, creating a multi-dimensional finish with just one product. Foxy looks particularly lovely applied all over the lid and blended with a dense, synthetic brush up to the crease, to maintain a metallic finish in the centre of the lid.

When it comes to the coconut water shadows, however, I’m far less enthusiastic. I absolutely love the concept of them – anything containing coconut water sounds like heaven to my dry eyelids – but I just found them far too difficult to use. They’re definitely not great for a quick, out-the-door shadow look, since they take a while to set down.

The one shade I tried, Romance, was far too patchy and liquid-y for my liking. Having said that, I did like using it as a base for other shadows; I layered Pink Champagne over Romance and it stayed looking crease-free and beautiful all day.

The shade range is enchanting, though, and I’m sort of tempted to overlook the ‘meh’ formula just to get my hands on some of the other metallic shades.

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Thanks for reading! Have you purchased from this launch, or will you be picking anything up? Let me know!

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  1. Gingerbread and Chai Latte looks like two beautiful shades ❤️ I’ve seen a couple of UK girls talking about these. I’m not familiar with this brand at all, so it’s always fun to learn about new brands.

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