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Review | The Launch of SwatchPerfect Stencils*

The to-do list of your average blogger is typically pretty lengthy, and features things like photography, writing and editing, to name a few. For most beauty bloggers, you can add swatching makeup to that list. Swatching is something that a lot of us dread – making neat lines of shadow or lipstick that look pretty in photos while staying true to colour is time consuming and, quite frankly, a bit of a pain.

That’s where SwatchPerfect comes in – a genius creation by my good friend Alli (MetaBabyCow) who kindly sent me these samples* to try out before their launch – which, funnily enough, will be happening today (30th September) at around 7pm GMT! She created a wide range of funky stencils to take the stress out of swatching. She’s covered everything from simple circles, to hearts, bats, cats, rats (that last one is a joke… but maybe one day!) and her creativity knows no bounds.

We definitely haven’t seen the last of what SwatchPerfect has to offer – they’ll be releasing new designs each month, along with limited edition themed sets. I personally cannot wait to get the Halloween vibes going with some nifty bat swatches.

Crafted from low-tack sticky back vinyl, they are designed to sit comfortably on even the most sensitive skin, providing a neat outline each time. No more lining up neat rows of harsh sticky tape or wiping the edges of your swatches clean with a makeup wipe? It’s like all my Christmases have come at once.

These stencils saved me so much time when it came to swatching – I simply tapped the shadow or pigment on with my finger or a flat shader brush, removed the stencil and I was left with a perfect outline that photographed well each time. You can also use these stencils for swatching lipsticks, as demonstrated in this beautiful SwatchPerfect promotional image. If you compare my old, freehand swatches with my new SwatchPerfect ones, there’s really no contest.

My top picks from the ones I’ve tested would definitely have to be the 4-pan heart stencil, the 5-pan star stencil (both featured above) along with the beautiful Poker Face set, which resembles the symbols on a pack of cards. You also can’t go wrong with the classic circular stencils – I’ll definitely be picking more up on launch day!

Each stencil is designed and manufactured in the UK and run at very purse-friendly prices, starting at £1 for single stencils. Multipacks and stencil sets will also be offered at a discount compared to the price of single stencils, meaning there’s not much stopping you from going wild and ordering every single design.

Are you excited for the launch of these stencils? Which ones will you be picking up? If you post any swatch pictures to social media, be sure to tag #SwatchPerfect and mention them in your posts (social links provided in photo above).

I’m hugely proud of and excited for Alli, and I’d like to say a huge thank you to her and her business for sending me the first ever SwatchPerfect PR package. I’ve had so much fun testing these stencils out – I’m a very lucky gal!

*This product was sent to me for my consideration, but all opinions remain my own. I am not being paid to write this review, and none of these links are affiliated.

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    1. I’d say so – they’re the perfect blogging accessory! I ordered some more a few days ago and I’m so in love with them. Thank you for reading Emily 🙂 xx

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